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Material Recources Centre

Choose from hundreds of manufacturing materials including multiple grades of thermoplastics, metals, and elastomers. When selecting a material, consider the mechanical properties, manufacturability characteristics, cosmetic appearance, and cost. If you choose to supply your own material for injection molding,which requires you to upload MSDS and process data sheet documents. We will contact you with shipping information and a material ID number once your information has been processed.

3D Printing
Accura_ABS_Black_SL7820.pdf Somos-Watershed-XC-11122.pdf Alm PA 850 BK Nylon-11.pdf Alm PA614-GS Nylon-12.pdf
Alm PA620-MF.pdf Alm-PA12-PA650-nylon.pdf HP-3D-High-Reusability-PA12.pdf PC Like-Accura-60.pdf
PC Like-Accura-5530.pdf PC Like-Somos-Perform.pdf PP Like-Somos-9120.pdf PP Like-Xtreme-white-200.pdf
Prodways TPU 70A.pdf

Injection Molding
ABS CHIMEI PA-746.pdf ABS CHIMEI PA-765.pdf ABS PolyOne Lustran 348.pdf ABS PolyOne Lustran 433.pdf
HDPE DOW-DMDA-8907-nt-7.pdf HDPE PolyOne DMDA 8007.pdf LCP Vectra E130i.pdf LDPE PolyOne LDPE 722.pdf
PA Zytel-70G13HS1L.pdf PA Zytel-70G33HS1L.pdf PA Zytel-80G14AHS-NC010.pdf PA Zytel-8018HS.pdf
PC ABS PolyOne Bayblend FR3010.pdf PC ABS PolyOne Bayblend T85 XF.pdf PC Lexan 3412R.pdf PC Markrolon 2407.pdf
PEEK Victrex_tds_450g.pdf PEI RTP 2100 LF.pdf PEI Ultem-2200.pdf PET 30GF Rynite 530.pdf
PMMA Plexiglas V825.pdf POM CELCON MC90HM.pdf PP FHR P5M6K-048.pdf PP PermaStat® 100.pdf
PPS Fortron 1140L4.pdf PPS Ryton R-4.pdf PSU Udel P-3703.pdf PSU Udel-p1700.pdf
TPE Hytrel 3078.pdf TPE Santoprene-201-87.pdf TPU Covestro PUR Texin® 245.pdf
PC LUX2180T-11204.pdf

CNC Machining
Aluminum5052-h32.pdf Aluminum6061-t651.pdf Aluminum7075_t651.pdf 304_304l_stainlesssteel.pdf
316-316l-plate.pdf Brass Aviva_c26000.pdf Brass C36000_alloy.pdf Copper Aviva_c10100.pdf
ABS CNC.pdf HDPE CNC.pdf Nylon66_30gf_natural.pdf PC_clear.pdf

Sheet Stamping
Aluminum5052-h32.pdf Aluminum6061-t651.pdf Brass C2600.pdf Copper C1100.pdf
Galvanized-steel.pdf Galvannealed-steel.pdf 304-304l-stainless.pdf Cold-rolled-steel.pdf
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