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People-oriented is the soul of enterprise culture. GTS adheres to a lot of the introduction of professional talent、 establish talent training plan、and organizes employee collective cultural activities, implementing humanistic care to shape enterprise culture. Actively improve the system of enterprise culture, emphasizing the enterprise employees with universal values, to create harmony、 pleasant、 and positive culture atmosphere, to build a close friendship among the enterprise employees, love and mutual trust working atmosphere. During the work, GTS advocates team spirit、 a spirit of collectivism, can help to form the internal cohesion and cooperative, maximum limit to arouse staff's enthusiasm and creativity, and create a greater profit space for the enterprise.

-Responsibility of Society
After more than ten years of development, GTS in scale growing at the same time, carry out the corporate social responsibility actively, consciously put the corporate social responsibility into the company's strategy, enterprise culture and the production and operation activities, strives to promote the harmonious development of economy, environment and society. To conduct all business in the form of sustainable development, in the process of plastic product development, production and manufacturing in adhere to the principle of environmental protection, and strives to improve the level of technology and equipment, reduce the waste material in the process of using resources, to meet customer demand for products at the same time, carry out the corporate social responsibility, committed to become the world's top plastic product solution provider.

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